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Marketing and sales solutions starting at $50. Invest in your growth.

Prices are based on customization, complexity, and time commitment.

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Growth Packages

Seed Package

$565 — This is the starter package. It includes four hours of creation and editing of existing materials and branding, including your website, marketing materials, logo and tagline, and more. You’ll also get an overview of your market positioning, competitive landscape, and other basics you’ll need for pitch decks, sales appointments, and building a consistent marketing message. (This project requires an estimated 9 work hours; the package price reflects a 30% discount.)

Sprout Package

$1100 — If you’re confident in the brand basics, this is the next step to your growth. In this package, you’ll get one ideal customer profile, a strategy to plan your marketing time and efforts (sometimes called a channel strategy), and an easy-to-use framework for measuring your marketing and sales funnel and pipeline. (This project requires an estimated 18 work hours; the package price reflects a 33% discount.)


Bloom Package

$1500 — With the essentials in place, you’re ready to really strategize. This package includes an editorial calendar template, a customized marketing strategy for your unique growth, sales funnel diagnostics, and a marketing guidebook you can use to train new employees or provide to any partners, among other items. (This project requires an estimated 23 work hours; the package price reflects a 30% discount.)

Add-On Services

Resume Crafting

$125 — Not all go-getters are founders, and we appreciate that! If you’re trying to take yourself to the next level and you want a resume that’s as sharp as you are, we can help. We’ll work with you to create an authentic resume that reflects your unique skills, perspectives, and experiences.

Hourly consulting

$90/hour — If you’d like a little time to ask questions, get strategic guidance, and plan execution on any of your ongoing projects, consider hourly consulting. In this time, we’ll work together to address challenges and make plans for how to achieve your goals.

Paid Resources

Marketing Strategy Template Kit

$75 — Get five essential templates that you can use to create your marketing strategy. This kit includes a Marketing Strategy Overview Template, an Ideal Customer Template, a Competitor Analysis Template, an Editorial Calendar Template, and a Sales and Marketing Funnel Metrics Template. Collectively, the info in these materials are worth around 7 hours of consulting, a $630 value - yours for just under one hours worth of consulting.

The Ultimate Guide to D.I.Y. Branding on a budget

$50 — Learn how to create a logo, website, color scheme, and other elements of your brand from scratch, on a budget. This guide is a perfect fit if you’re just starting out, and includes time-tested tips, expert hacks, and links to all of the best resources in one place.


Custom Solutions

Creating a Brand Guidebook

$300 — Do you have a defined brand voice? A tone? Consistent color scheme? A style guide outlining words your company uses or doesn’t use? Can you clearly convey all of these nuances to new hires and external partners?

Make the answer to each of those questions a resounding “yes!” A brand guidebook helps ensure that you’re sending a consistent message about who you are and what you offer to your customers, investors, and partners.

Editing Your Existing Materials

$70/hour — We will gladly edit your existing content, from your website and blog to brochures, and logos. We will use your existing brand framework to ensure that all of our edits fit into the voice and tone of your company.

Create new content

$70/hour — Looking for help creating business cards, brochures, blogs, or marketing email blasts? Whatever your content needs, Yardbird can help you bring your ideas to life.

The Collective offers much more than we can include here. If you don’t see what you need, please get in touch.