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Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions.

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What IS a Growth Agency?

Great question. A growth agency is a company that helps you grow. It’s a term used most commonly in the marketing and sales industries, and implies a focus on metrics, funnel health, and profitability.

The Collective is a marketing and sales agency that is focused on helping our clients grow. That’s why we call ourselves a growth agency.

What Is Yardbird’s Philosophy?

At TLC, we believe that small-yet-growing enterprises are operating under a broken marketing playbook. You don’t need a full-time marketer or a full-time agency, but you also can’t do everything yourself. The Collective is the solution to this challenge.

You do need to build a foundation that supports growth, and scales as you do. In the early stages of growth, you need deeply integrated marketing and sales strategies.

TLC is designed to help you build that foundation, and grow to the point where you can hire the talent you truly need - not the ones you think you do.

Who is The Lane Collective Designed for?

TLC is built to serve the unique needs of founders, start-ups, entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, restaurants, studios, and non-profits, as well as emerging artists, musicians, designers, and other creatives.

Most of our clients have fewer than 20 employees, and under $2-3M in annual revenue. Plenty of them are founders working to bring an idea to life through their new business or creatives trying to sell their work.

Is The Lane Collective a fit for larger companies?

The Collective can be a fit for larger companies, depending on the growth philosophy and challenges.

If your large company is transitioning from an old-school marketing and sales strategy to an innovative one, you can benefit greatly from our growth strategy method. (If you’re just starting with digital marketing and SEO, this is you.)

If your big company’s marketing and sales departments are not well-aligned, you’ll also find our approach valuable. This is you if you have one marketer for twenty salespeople.

If your large company is trying to supplement the efforts of your in-house or outsourced marketing team with targeted growth strategy projects, we can be a strong partner.

Why Would a Company Hire an Agency versus an in-house marketer?

This is a million-dollar question. Let’s look at the dilemma for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Start-ups and entrepreneurs need the equivalent of a Swiss Army knife in a marketer: tons of skills and focused on execution. However, they probably don’t have the budget to hire a person with these skills, because this person’s salary would be $100K+ and they are rarely focused on actually executing. So, they hire an entry-level marketer with some experience who will actually do the work; this person learns how to market better and develops the marketing program. Assuming this hire leaves the company in two to five years, the start-up has paid an entry-level marketer to become a mid-level marketer, but they probably still have major gaps in their marketing program and they still need someone who will really execute. They are then stuck doing this same process repeatedly, hoping for incremental improvements. It’s two steps forward, one step back until the company has created a scalable, sustainable, plug-and-play marketing program.

An agency is generally full of highly skilled and experienced professionals, and clients pay for some portion of their time and actual execution. Perfect fit, right? After all, you’re getting access to a team that approximates that Swiss Army knife. Unfortunately, agencies tend to be expensive for smaller companies - usually $4,000 to $10,000 per month. At that point, many smaller companies may decide to just hire a full-time employee; then they at least get all of their time.

Neither solution is ideal for companies in early phases of growth.

The Lane Collective bridges the gap by helping ventures build the foundations of a sustainable, scalable marketing program at the cost of a part-time employee. Then, when the company is big enough to hire a mid-level marketer or agency, they already have everything in place to hit the ground running.

If sustainable growth is your goal, The Collective is your solution.