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You need efficient, effective marketing and sales guidance to grow your business. We can help with that.


You’re an entrepreneur, creative, solo-preneur or other professional adventurer with big dreams and a small budget. You’re looking to grow - fast. And you need a partner that have the heart, energy, and expertise to get you there. Luckily for you, you’re in the right place. Welcome to your next big thing.

The Lane Collective provides marketing and sales guidance for those who are ready to grow.


How Can We Help?

We’re a Swiss Army knife for your marketing and sales. From brand conceptualization to content marketing and everything in between, the team behind The Lane Collective is here to help you grow. Some of our most popular solutions are improving sales alignment, content strategy, building a healthy funnel, implementing HubSpot, and growing your social media presence.

We offer projects, consulting, and free templates if you’re into DIY. Prices start at just $50.

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Is TLC Good for Me?

The Collective is designed to meet the marketing and sales needs of emerging artists and musicians, entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs, small businesses, restauranteurs, bloggers, and non-profits. Think about us like a marketing and sales agency designed exclusively for smaller, growth-focused enterprises.

We’re good for you if you need a partner that really delivers, because you don’t have time or resources to waste.

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Want Free Resources?

Not yet ready to sign up for a project or service engagement? We like that you do your research. You can check out the blog to learn essential how-to tips and tricks for people like you. You’ll also see features of successful go-getters.

We’ll also be telling the story about how TLC is growing, so you can see how well our methods work for us, too…

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Learn how to take your big idea to the next level.

The Lane Collective is the resource hub for people like you to learn how to market and sell your ideas, and the blog is the place to start for free resources and guidance. Look for the tips, expert advice, success stories, connections, and tools that you need to grow your business.

If you’ve wondered how to build a brand, or what free plug-ins are the best for sales alignment, the blog is a great place to start.


“The Lane Collective helps us determine which tools from the marketing toolbox will be best for our unique business, and how to use them successfully.”

— Bauwerk Building Solutions


Who Leads The Collective?

The Lane Collective is founded by Kinsey Lane Sullivan, a marketer with more than 6 years of experience in marketing and sales for small businesses, artists, and start-ups. She’s built and implemented marketing and sales strategies, mostly as a one-woman-band, with the numbers to back the hype.

She’s joined by a team of efficient, can-do, growth-focused marketing and sales guides.

Let’s get growing! Your first 30-minute consultation is free.